Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly plays an important role in wound care.

The benefits of petroleum jelly you should know!

• Petroleum jelly plays an important role in wound care and one of petroleum jelly's original uses was to protect cuts and scrapes on the skin. It works to keep the air, water and bacteria out - sealing the skin, thus allowing the body to heal. Petroleum jelly can help speed things up and possibly prevent or minimize scarring too. On dry, chapped lips, it helps soothe the surface and prevents moisture from escaping.

• Pure petroleum-based ointments are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and fragrance free — all of which makes this product gentle to the skin — it's even used to soothe babies' diaper rash. When the external layer of our skin, the stratum corneum becomes chapped and itchy, it loses its ability to act as a protective barrier; hence skin becomes extremely sensitive, prone to cracks and even infection. Daily use not only heals dry skin by sealing in moisture but protects skin from further damage by acting like a barrier against harsh elements.

• As we age, our facial skin gets thinner and dramatically loses its moisture. Several anti-aging products on the market, usually those that contain retinoids or alphahydroxy acid, can make your skin dry and irritate skin further. This is especially beneficial to mature skin as this can help soothe dryness and flakiness. Use it as part of your skin care regime. Apply your face moisturiser as usual and top it with a light coat of jelly to seal it in — avoiding the eye area.

• Plagued by dry, cracked hands and feet? Petroleum jelly contains paraffin wax which smoothes and softens the skin. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the top and bottom of each hand and foot before going to bed. Put on a pair of socks on your feet to keep the ointment locked in and you'll wake up to find your skin all softened and cracks minimised. By healing dry, cracked and calloused skin, feet become more resistant to blistering and hot spots.

• Petrolatum can be found in products that are recommended by dermatologists for eczema sufferers. Some eczema sufferers have found that other products can contribute to the pain of severely dry, itchy skin, whereas petroleum jelly applied on dry patches at night is effective in reducing dryness without adding to discomfort. It is also fragrance-free and less likely to cause more irritation.

• Petroleum jelly works wonders in the beauty department too. Apply a thin layer to the finger tip or to an eyebrow brush and smooth over eyebrows to keep any stray hairs down. Mix a small smudge of petroleum jelly with your favourite lipstick at the back of your hand to make your own shiny lip gloss. Spread a tiny amount of jelly on your finger and apply over the top of the eyelids or cheekbones for a dewy look. To avoid hair dye stains on your skin, rub a generous amount of jelly on the hairline around the face and neck line before dying your hair.

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