• We here at K-poppity have never been ones to shy away from gushing and fangirling over our favourite oppas and playing the good noonas to the younger boys but one Korean adult movie star has come out and outdone any of the fan girls out there !!

    Lee Yoo Rin, an adult 'theatrical actress' has shocked the Korean netizen world by confidently proclaiming she would love some sexy trysts with a number of boy idols out there and unabashedly named those she finds the most 'fulfilling' to her fantasies on her blog!

    Lee Yoo Rin - Adult film actress

    Here is her 'hit' list and our take on whether this randy noona is justified or way out of line.

    Jaehyo - Block B

    Block B Jaehyo

    So Yoo Rin noona claims she would like "to try a one-night stand with Block B‘s Jaehyo. Handsome men make me happy. Would I be able to meet these kinds of men if I became famous, too?”

    She goes on to muse...

    “Whether I have a one-sided love with Jaehyo and think about wanting to have sex with him, it’s not like I’m stalking him and just have a liking for him."


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  • FEM @ MTV World Stage 2013. Image courtesy of MTV Asia.

    It’s been close to a year since we’ve hung out with the boys of Far East Movement and we heard recently that the combination sales of digital downloads, streaming and CD of their latest album – Dirty Bass - has led to it being certified gold in Malaysia. The boys themselves just heard of the news when we caught up with them the day before their MTV World Stage 2013 gig at Sunway Lagoon and were incredibly grateful. “We are so thankful to Malaysian fans – it’s our third time here and every time it’s been incredible. Just all the more reason to move here!” KevNish exclaimed. “Much love to all the people – especially (those on) Social Media – we get a lot of messages from those in Malaysia,” Prohgress chimes in. “Yeah, you guys are STRONG online,” KevNish adds.

    And despite the fact that they have been here twice before and have been doing hundreds of gigs all over the world, the boys are still ever as eager to perform on stage in Malaysia. “(Being on stage) still (feels) like the first

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  • Men in Heights

    Subtle Height7CMincrease!

    It is common to see female idols wearing sky high heels to show off their long legs to enhance their looks and appear more appealing. But did you know, many of the male idols do it too?

    It is not surprising that that sometimes when you see your favourite idol on TV, they appear to be gargantuan, but when they come to our shores, their eyelines does not seem to far from ours. Are they fixing their heights on their bios? Are they taking a shrinkage supplement to get them down from the heavens (in our heads)?

    Taeyang!Taeyang 1 Scorpion Tail Hair Heels

    Maybe! But maybe the real secret is that they are wearing these things in their shoes called kkalchang! Kkalchang are insoles that are created for men to increase their heights. Seoulistic has the insole insights.

    This is not to say that only Korean idols do it… Japanese idols are also guilty of this charge. In Japan, where the height of men and women are almost similar, it is no wonder that Kitashima Shoe Company has cleverly invented a business shoe for men to wear that has

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  • Falling In Love with 2NE1 (again)!


    The girls of 2NE1 are back, looking fresh as ever in their MV for their latest release, Falling in Love. After a year long wait due to their World Tour, Falling in Love will surely bring Blackjacks a lot of joy as this will be the first of their monthly releases, leading to a mini Album in October.

    The video featured regular 2NE1 MV face, Lee Soo-Hyuk (who has previously appeared in their It Hurts Video) and Actor-Model Hong Jong Hyun, who were both a cast of the Vampire Idol series has had the girls swooning in the MV and with the fangirls out there.

    The song has the girls going through a reggae vibe and the fierce ladies looking bright and cheerful, very different to their icy cold or dark personas that we have seen in their previous forays. Perfect song to usher in the good times that summer promises (or in Korea at least!).

    The girls are looking a little bit too Caucasian in the video, with all of them sporting blue contacts in their eyes, and all, except maknae Minzy, having

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  • Nail Art Hongstar!

    The HongstarHongki Nail Book

    Now, us k-pop fans know that FT Island’s lead singer Lee Hongki is a stylista, being awarded the Instyle Fashionista Award at the Golden Disk Award this year in KL. He has gone and secured his position as a trendsetter with his latest fashion-skewed offering : A nail art book!

    Primadonnas will know that Hongki is an avid fan of nail art, having his nails done and ready  before any performance. An active user on twitter (search for @skullhong) he often posts photos of his new nail art, usually featuring his signature skull, bright colours and shiny things!

    The book aptly titled Hongki’s Nail Book is geared towards both male and females will be released on July 12 and will feature some anecdotes from the man himself – about Nail Art and his philosophies behind it! He also shared some tips, something he knows well after spending hours with a nail artist to get his nails right! He also shares some designs that fellow nail art enthusiasts can take heed from his advice and get awesome nail

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  • GD : YOU are One of A Kind!

    Leader's Grand Entrance!G-Dragon 10

    All was a little too hot and smoky last weekend but we here at KNUKEast ain’t blaming the haze. All that weekend heat came from the leader of k-pop super boy band Big Bang – G-Dragon (GD for short) – gracing our Malaysian shores with a stop on his solo ‘One of A Kind’ tour. One of the most anticipated concerts of 2013 had thousands of screaming fans packing up Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil last Saturday, June 22nd, lighting up the hazy skies with their sea of fan club glow sticks.

    And GD did not disappoint. Decked with pyrotechnics, a full live band, energetic dancers, and an impressive stage set up, GD kept the crowd mesmerised with his performance for almost two hours. Big Bang fans were also shown a real treat – GD flew in fellow member Taeyang to help him out as special guest star for this this leg of the OOAK tour.

    G-Dragon 11

    The show started with a big bang (BIG BANG, geddit?) at 8.15pm with GD in a snazzy black and white ensemble, sitting in a fitted-out glass sports car performing his

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  • The Pets of K-Pop

    Unfortunately, yesterday we had to bid adieu to one of K-pop's favourite pooches, Boss who belonged to Taeyang (Big Bang). As a tribute to Boss, we dedicate this post to all the animals who bring joy to their famous owners and in their cuteness have cultivated followings of their own.

    Big Bang

    Taeyang - Boss

    Taeyang & Boss

    Taeyang introduced Boss as a puppy and he has been part of the YG family as much as any human member of the company. He's even appeared in numerous videos and appearances where his famous owner or other members of Big Bang are seen playing with him.

    G-dragon - Gaho

    Gdragon and Gaho

    GD's Gaho also makes regular cameo appearances especially in GD's music videos.


    Chansung - Jeonggam

    2PM Chansung and Jeonggamjeonggam chansung

    Various members of 2PM have cats but they all seem to have a soft spot for Jeonggam who is seen waiting backstage for his owner on many occasions and even makes a cameo in their new album's trailer.


    Heechul - Heebum, Baengshin, and Champagne

    Heechul - Heebum Baengshim Champagne

    SuJu's Heechul is another idol with a penchant for cats

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  • Breath your Way to Lose Weight

    The trend that is coming back to Japan is the Long Breath Diet. Long Breath? Diet? In the same term? How does that work?

    Made popular by a popular Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke, this fad claims that by breathing deeply for about 2-5 minutes a day, you are able to lose weight. Some people have stated that they’ve lost as much as 5 kg in one month and more! Initially Miki Ryosuke started with the breathing exercise as a way to ease the back pain that he experienced while walking.

    So what is the logic behind this? According to Jil Johnson, creator of the Oxycise weight loss programme, 'Fat is made up of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, when the oxygen we breathe reaches these fat molecules, it breaks them down into carbon dioxide and water. The blood then picks up the carbon dioxide - a waste product of our bodies - and returns it to the lungs to be exhaled. Therefore the more oxygen our bodies use, the more fat we will burn.'What are the benefits you ask? The Long Breath does not only help

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  • Own Your Own Mini Me!

    What is freakier than seeing yourself in the dark in the middle of the night…? How about seeing a mini 3D clone of yourself?

    Real? Or Clone?Jiibunnsan2

    It’s not really uncommon anymore to find people that have a doll sized caricature model of themselves these days, as there are stalls that sells these things and are definitely a hit for couples. However, with the advent of 3D printing and finding ways to make it more affordable, a company in Akihabara (the land of weird) in Tokyo, Japan, aptly named Clone Factory has come up with the technology to recreate your favourite moment. First featured in Danny Choo’s Culture Japan, these clones came back in the spotlight again recently as they were featured in the Japanese media to be the new trendy thing to own by Japanese ladies.


    Cleverly named Jibunnsan (which means Me in Japanese, to get your hands on your own version of mini-me, all you have to do is to book in advance and so that they can set it up for you, and the process is pretty swift. Just make sure

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  • We're sorry for the delay Jaywalkerz and Mizz Nina fans but we've finally narrowed it down and are ready to announce the winners.

    We do however, have some bad and good news...firstly, the bad news is, there now won't be a Meet & Greet with the artists due to their busy schedules. Jay Park only has a short slot for rehearsals on the day of the concert and simply won't have time to attend the Meet & Greet. We're totally bummed about it too :(

    The GOOD news is, to make it up to you, the winners, we've decided to give away not just one concert ticket but the top 4 winners will get 2 pairs of tickets each! So you get to bring 3 friends to Mizz Nina's concert! Also, since we received so many good entries, we've decided on 4 consolation winners who will get 1 pair of tickets each!

    Then, so you can enjoy the show better, all 8 winners will have side stage access so you can watch the show from the best view possible! Here's the list of our TOP 4 winners and their 'rap lines' that got them

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