5 ways to keep your friendship going

Even the best of friendships need TLC.

Gone are the days when you were little kids - having sleepovers and enjoying all-night conversations on the phone. Now as a working adult, it's harder to maintain your friendships with all the additional responsibilities in life.

Here are 5 tips on how you can boost your friendship and keep the relationship alive.

Consistency is key
With technology etching steadily into our lives each day, it's easy to miss face-to-face interaction. Often we forget the most fundamental aspect of friendship — communication. Is the occasional text or contacts on social medias enough to keep your bond strong? One of the most important key to keeping a strong friendship is consistency. Always make an effort to spend as much quality time as possible and make these moments special. Instead of sending out a text, dial her number instead - closeness is best reached through a phone call than a text message.

Break it or make it
In every relationship, there are bound to be hiccups along the way. If you and your girlfriend hit rock bottom at some point in your lives, don't jump to splitsville right away - especially when you've had many years of friendship together. Next time you get in a heated argument with your friend, give yourself a chance to think it through carefully — whether this relationship is worth salvaging. Usually when a rift is bad, it is often caused by hurtful actions committed by either one party. Forgiveness is another important aspect of friendships. It's impossible to be in a long-term friendship without learning to forgive one another.

A little more TLC
Even the best of friendships need TLC. Just like romantic relationship, without good communication and bonding moments, it will break down. These bonds should strengthen your friendship and not be something you take for granted. Don't be afraid to open up — ask her what she looks for in the friendship and you tell her what you need. Sometimes it shows that you value your friendship enough to ask tough questions like that.

Money talk
Lending money to someone is always tricky — especially to a good friend. The next time you plan to do a good deed by helping a friend out financially, here are some ground rules. First, only lend a friend an amount of money you can afford. Second, the amount you are lending should be small enough that you won't feel resentful if your friend doesn't pay you back. Finally, there should be clear deadlines set for when you will be repaid.  This will help prevent any misunderstandings or any awkward confrontations in the future.

Playing the ex games
Would you be alright with a friend dating an ex-boyfriend? Likewise you wouldn't want to risk your friendship for a moment of indiscretion with her ex — unless you see a romantic future with him. It all really depends on what you are looking for - if you think that there is a meaningful and romantic future for them, you would want them to be happy as well. Make sure you are both open and honest with each other when it comes to situations like this. Lying and concealing it will most certainly jeopardise a friendship — no matter how rock-solid you think your friendship may be.

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