8 Financial Tips for Women

Keep these wise words in mind to help you get back on track

If you find yourself forgetting or being led astray from your financial goals, keep these wise words in mind to help you get back on track.

1. Think about your (possible) future purchases

What kind of lifestyle do you aspire to lead? If it includes living in your own home, then you might want to look at your earnings to see if you can afford a place later on. Do you want to be free from the stresses of a full-time job? Then consider the type of career, income and environment you picture yourself in, and plan accordingly.

2. Take your plans seriously

Write down clear, specific goals for yourself — and stick to them. Prioritise and make a list so you can follow them through. Ask a trusted friend to keep you in check.

3. Education is key

And we're not just talking about a college or Masters degree. Learning gives you a better view of the world and equips you with a bit of know-how to make things work. Use those extra classes, your work experience, and advice from peers and mentors as your training ground for better decision-making and calculated judgments.

4. Get paid for what you're worth

What do you contribute to the company that makes you so valuable? Spell this out concisely and logically to your boss during an appraisal or a one-to-one meeting. Your achievements will help you confidently negotiate the raise you deserve.

5. Be independent

Be in charge of your money. Be accountable for any slips (like that designer bag you didn't really need) — but don't be too hard on yourself either. Just make sure they don't happen as often; otherwise you shouldn't be surprised to see your finances dwindling.

6. Seize every opportunity

Do you love to make arts and crafts, or collect vintage fashion? Make any hobby or side job work for you. A chance to earn more money — and have fun while doing it — can be a good thing.

7. Respect money, but do not let it define you

Try not to dwell too much on the size of your bank account. Yes, you want to save for a better future — but maybe it's best not to overdo it. Know your limits (do you live every day as if you're a pauper or an heiress, when you're not?) and pamper yourself from time to time.

8. Know when to ask for help

When in doubt, seek help from a friend or an expert. You'll appreciate their advice.

Have you tried these tips before? What else do financially independent women need to know?

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