2AM′s Jo Kwon Knows How to Watch the Olympics

2AM’s Jo Kwon definitely knows how to get ready to watch an Olympics game.

On August 2, the singer tweeted photos with the caption, ‘I had tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), soondae (stuffed hog intestines), fried foods, strawberry bingsu (ice flakes) and ice cream in my car because I was hungry, and to cool down while watching the Olympics.’

One picture shows Jo Kwon unable to tear his eyes off of the Olympic event taking place inside his television screen in his car, while he has everything he’s listed in his tweet spread before him. Another picture provides a closer look at his food.

Netizens replied, ‘Jo Kwon’s so skinny but he ate all that by himself?’, ‘I’m jealous that he doesn’t gain weight even after he eats like that’, ‘I think I’ll watch the Olympics today with some snacks’ and ‘He’s just like the rest of us watching the Olympics.’

Photo credit: Jo Kwon’s Twitter

Reporter : Jeon Su Mi (ssue516@naver.com)
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