2NE1 Surprises Se7en at His Japanese Showcase

Se7en has released a new song and will be actively promoting in Japan.

On May 3, Se7en held a special event to commemorate the release of his new song, Love Again in Tokyo. On this day, around 5000 Japanese fans came out, confirming Se7en’s popularity.

At the event, Se7en sang ten songs, including his newest song and When I Can’t Sing, with his fans. Also, 2NE1, who is in YG Entertainment with Se7en, came out to support Se7en as a surprise event, attracting a lot of attention.

After the showcase was over, Se7en tweeted, “2NE1’s surprise visit during the showcase! Completely blown away! Such supportive girls!” with a picture attached.

In the picture, 2NE1’s Minzi is handing Se7en a bouquet of flowers. The other members are applauding their hands in spport.

With the showcase as a starting point, Se7en plans on continuing his activities in Japan.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment, Se7en’s Twitter

Reporter : Choi, EunHwa (choieh@cj.net)
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