350,000 fans cheer for BEAST's successful comeback

Music fans are showing explosive reaction for BEAST's new title track 'Beautiful Night'.

On 22nd, BEAST released their new album, and approximately 350,000 fans from all over the world are cheering for BEAST through their official fan website.

The BEAST members went through a significant concept change for their new album, and they are continuing their active promotion schedules and events.

Prior to their comeback, fans from all over the world held a major promotion event 'BEAST GLOBAL PROJECT' for BEAST's successful return to the field.

Fans posted various comments, such as "Do not fear change, and proceed forward for the change!" and "When can we check out the choreography video?", and showing their great anticipation for their comeback performance.

CEO Hong Seung Sung of CUBE Entertainment said, "We are glad to see the new media connecting BEAST and fans at all over the world. We will do our best so that even more people can enjoy K-Pop through various events."

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