5 female celebrity body hangups and how to combat them

We spend a long time idolising air-brushed celebrity bodies and even longer condemning our own but the truth is, celebrities are humans too and – behind closed doors – we all have similar body hang-ups anyway. Here are five celebrity body issues and how you can overcome them:

Celebrity body issue 1: Angelina Jolie needs to learn to love her lips

Angelina Jolie doesn't like her lips © RexPrepare yourselves for this news: Angelina Jolie – multiple winner of the sexiest woman in the world trophy, and owner of the world’s most famous lips – hates her (drum roll please)... lips. You’re joking? No we’re most certainly not. That famous pout that we all envy is the one thing that Angelina can’t abide. Suddenly our body issues seem a whole lot worse – the things we would do for some smackers like that! Ms Jolie believes that her lips are too big for her face and make her look strange. We’ve got the answer on how to overcome this, erm ... dreadful problem.

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How to overcome it:

Angelina’s lip issue is a great example of how many of us hate the features that make us unique.  As soon as we notice one thing on ourselves that is different to the average body part, it seems like the end of the world. To boost our body confidence, we need to start embracing the parts of our bodies that separate us from everyone else.  Your features aren’t “too big”, “too small”, or “abnormal” – they’re how nature made you, so use them as a trademark to set yourself apart from others. Think Kim Kardashian with her ample behind – she works it in tight fitting jeans and itsy bitsy bikinis and the public (alongside her bank account) love her for it.

Celebrity body issue 2: Keira Knightley laments her lack of breasts

Keira Knightley has an enviable figure but doesn’t seem to appreciate it quite as much as the rest of us. The Pirates of the Caribbean beauty says that she hates her small frame and that her breasts are more like a man’s pecs. We think she should be embracing her slender figure; if she had big boobs, she’d probably be wishing they were smaller.

How to overcome it:

Ladies listen up; there are only so many push-up, maximising, cleavage-enhancing, padded bras you can use before you need to just accept that this isn’t how your body is supposed to be. Instead of trying to change your body into something it isn’t, look at the pros of a smaller bust; they don’t hurt as much as they would if you were big breasted, you can wear smaller clothes on top, you don’t have to wear a bra all the time and they’re less likely to sag later in life. Remember what your breasts were made for too; they are there to feed a baby, not to be a particular size or shape.

Celebrity body issue 3: Katy Perry thinks her breasts are too big

Will Katy Perry embrace her curves? © Rex Moving from small boobs to big ones, many ladies out there are feeling that their lady lumps are a little too large. Katy Perry says that she used to despise her 32D boobs so much that she would wear unsightly breast minimising bras to try and hide them in an attempt to look more like Kate Moss. Whilst we love Kate Moss’s figure, we certainly wouldn’t be complaining if we were as well endowed as Katy!

How to overcome it:

In terms of how your breasts look, remember those with small boobs usually want bigger ones and vice versa, so be proud that many other women will want boobs like yours. If you’re struggling with the aches and pains that big breasts can cause, make sure you get a properly fitted bra with maximum support. High street lingerie stores are now catering for big busted women by adding appealing, yet supportive lingerie to their line meaning no more bras that look like they’ve been stolen from your Grandma’s underwear drawer – hooray!

Celebrity body issue 4: Cameron Diaz struggles with acne-prone skin

Acne is a skin problem usually associated with teenage skin, but adults suffer from it too. Cameron Diaz has made it public that she suffers with the problem and it has caused problems with her movie career in the past. Acne occurs when a build up of oil clogs the pores of our skin and causes pimples that are hard to remove.

How to overcome it:

If you suffer with acne, the worst thing you can do – although it may be the thing you’re most tempted to do – is cake your face in heavy foundation. This will block your pores and make the problem worse. Instead, opt for lightweight makeup such as BB creams and mineral powders. Most brands that manufacture these products promise that they contain natural minerals to heal and revitalise your skin whilst providing light coverage. If you’re still suffering, visit your doctor who may be able to prescribe topical treatments or antibiotics to clear your skin up.

Celebrity body issue 5: Demi Moore is underweight

Demi Moore dropped weight after a relationship break-up © RexWith everyday life becoming increasingly stressful, more and more women are forgetting to eat and feeling so anxious that they’re becoming worryingly thin. Demi Moore is a sufferer of stress-induced weight loss, and it’s an unhealthy problem that she – and those around her – worries about. Having admitted to a love-hate relationship with her body in the past, her split from Ashton Kutcher in 2011 led to soaring stress levels that have made her lose weight dramatically – the pounds just don’t seem to stop dropping off.

How to overcome it:

If you’re losing weight through stress, you must put your health first and cut down on whatever is making you stressed. Cut as many tasks as possible out of your routine and leave plenty of time for relaxation. Once you’ve tackled the root of the problem to prevent it from happening again, speak to your doctor or pharmacist about build-up shakes to help you return to a healthy weight.

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