‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ to Be Turned into a Novel

SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity, which has received a lot of popularity, will be published as a novel.

With part one of the novel having been released on August 1, the second book will be published on August 13.

Closing its curtains on August 11 and 12 with episodes 19 and 20, A Gentleman’s Dignity received lots of love from viewers through the perfect harmony between actors Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, Lee Jong Hyuk, and others, as well as the witty and clever writing of Kim Eun Sook and the sensory production by director Shin Woo Chul.

With only two more episodes left and an order sent to the staff to stay silent about the ending, the anticipation and curiosity of the viewers has been heightened.

In addition, the stories that could be not told in the drama will be included in the novel A Gentleman’s Dignity, attracting much attention.

Due to the limited broadcast time, the emotions that could only be portrayed by the actors’ faces will be written out with more details to provoke the senses, creating a new charm for the novel edition.

Especially in the scene when Im Mae Ari (Yoon Ji Ni) gets pulled out by Im Tae San (Kim Soo Ro) at Choi Yoon (Kim Min Jong)’s birthday party, it was only possible for viewers to assume what Choi Yoon was feeling. But in the novel version, the main characters’ feelings can be analyzed word for word, adding a bit more to the story.

Also, writer Kim Eun Sook’s emotional and refreshing script will be highlighted and revived in a way that could become more elaborate in description than what is shown in the drama.

The public is anticipating the release of book two on August 13, hoping to see more affection being exchanged between the characters.

People are even wondering if A Gentleman’s Dignity, which racked up a lot of popularity in 2012, will even be listed as a best seller.

Production company, Hwa and Dam Pictures, said, “We’re excited to think that the novel will be able to give a different kind of enjoyment than what the drama A Gentleman’s Dignity has been giving to its audience.”

The company added, “We hope that A Gentleman’s Dignity will leave a lasting impression even after its finish.”

Photo Credit: Hwa and Dam Pictures

Reporter : Kim, JiYeon (butthergirl@cj.net)
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