A-Pink came back after 14 months of break

A-Pink had a successful comeback performance.

On July 5th, A-Pink's management agency said, "A-Pink, who had their successful comeback performance during July 4th broadcast of Mnet 'M!Countdown', will be releasing their 3rd mini album, 'Secret Garden' today at noon."

A-Pink's new mini album includes 5 tracks in total, and the title track, 'NoNoNo', was written by famous songwriter, Shinsadong Tiger.

'U You' and 'Lovely Day were written by producing team Golden Doo Hyun and Playing Kid, and 'Secret Garden' was produced by ZigZag Note.

In addition, 'I Need You' was collaborated by Brown Eyed Girls and Zi.A.

Along with the full album, A-Pink will be releasing the music video of 'NoNoNo' which was directed by director Hong Won Ki, who worked with 4Minute, BEAST, INFINITE, Henry, VIXX, and Roy Kim.

On the other hand, A-Pink started their official promotion through July 4th broadcast of Mnet 'M!Countdown'.

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