Amber Chia on playing a teenager

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    Ceremony at MIT Remembers One of Boston's Finest

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27 May – Following her roles in Chinese movies and series such as "The 3rd Generation", "Possessed", "Trio & A Bed" and "Seed Of Darkness", Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia is rapidly gaining more and more prolific acting roles in the entertainment industry, with the latest being playing the 17-year-old female lead in Yoko Chou's latest drama "Tears Of The Mom".

"When I first got the script, I was so happy and excited that I can play a much younger role this time. In the movie, I was in plain makeup most of the time just to fit in the image of a 17-year-old girl. This gives me a chance to show a different side of me to the audience," said Chia.

The 31-year-old star had received praises for her performance in the movie's emotional scenes.

"This was the first time I have to cry in a movie. I was a little worried at first but eventually I managed to handle those crying scenes better than I thought. I realize that as long as I'm serious with my work, my concentration will lead me to a good performance. I want to thank Yoko for bringing out my inner potential through this drama," added Chia.

This is to be expected from Taiwan-born director Yoko Chou, who is no amateur in the movie industry, having spent over a decade in Malaysia honing her craft by producing movies. "Tears Of The Mom" is her directorial debut and it is also the first Chinese movie to be distributed by Metrowealth (MIG), a company best known for their Malay productions.

"I've been producing many shows in Malaysia for more than 10 years. Being able to direct this movie is really a dream come true for me. I really hope people can acknowledge my hard work and be inspired by the story," said Chou.

"Tears Of The Mom" also stars Malaysian heartthrob Johnson Lo, Anita, Hero Tai, Anita Phang, Azzaly B. Ismail, and also features special appearances by former Thomas Cup badminton hero, Cheah Soon Keat, and local singing sensation, Pink Tan.

The movie has been confirmed to see release in China while it will be screened in Malaysia's cinemas this 14 June.

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