Beauty How To: Channel 1940s Glamour Like Emma Stone In Gangster Squad

With all eyes on Gangster Squad (and cinemas sold out of tickets), we can't stop going green-eyes at Emma Stone who not only steals the show with her dazzling performance but also wows the big screen with her astonishing beauty looks. In retro 40's get-up, Miss Stone looks a picture of old-school beauty complete with red lips, nails and killer hair up-do's. Urgh, why can't we look like that! Well, actually, with a bit of help and some inspiration from the shows, you can. Luckily, there are plenty of references we can look to from the SS13 catwalks for help with this trend - from coiffuired waves to rich red lips and soft smoky eyes, we've picked out our favourites to help show you how to get the look yourself.

1. Retro Hair

Beauty How To: Channel 1940s Glamour Like Emma Stone In Gangster Squad Beauty How To: Channel 1940s Glamour Like Emma Stone In Gangster Squad

Giorgio Armani; Issa

We spotted some gorgeous 40's hair backstage at Giorgio Armani and Issa and totally fell in love with it. The clean and elegant style of it is exactly what Emma works so well in the film and we saw the pro's creating it on lots of models so were able tos ee how easy it is to do yourself. The key to this is product, and lots of it. First of all a volumising mousse to give the hair a base but then lots of hair gel so that the hair looks almost wet and you can comb it into shape. For something like Cara's look you'll just need to scrape hair back into a tight ponytail before fixing it into place which is a little tricky, but the Armani look is easy to do with the help of some decent gel. Oh and remember to fix the look with a good dose of hairspray.

2. Bold Lips

Beauty How To: Channel 1940s Glamour Like Emma Stone In Gangster Squad Beauty How To: Channel 1940s Glamour Like Emma Stone In Gangster Squad

Burberry; Jason Wu

The other most important beauty look to add to your 40's makeup is a red lip. It's sexy and ulta-flattering and Emma sports a textbook perfect red lip throughout the whole film. Luckily, it works on anyone and as you can see above, no matter what your skin tone, red is a winner. The Burberry models were all made up by makeup artist Wendy Rowe who took inspiration from 1940's icons and chose the controversial red lipstick (the first Burberry have ever used, normally preferring neutral colours) to match the clothes. All that's required is a killer red lipstick and lip pencil to ensure the colour doesn't bleed - MAC and L'Oreal have fantastic shades of both lippies and pencils - and ensure you apply it to moisturised lips that have had a good coat of lip balm.

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