Beauty Crush: Cara Delevingne Takes Fashion Week By Storm!

With Fashion Month over for another season, we can say safely that it has left us with a serious (repeat: SERIOUS) girl crush on supermodel du jour, Cara Delevingne. Ever since we worked with the Brit babe on an exclusive Grazia beauty shoot back in December, we’ve been hooked, but the last month has really sealed our obsession thanks to spotting her on a number of prestigious catwalks in the last few weeks.

Cara Delevingne-JasonWu-beauty.jpg Cara Delevingne-JasonWu-beauty.jpg

Jason Wu

 Our rekindled love began when we spotted Miss Delevingne backstage at the Jason Wu show during New York Fashion Week. She was working supremely dewy fresh skin (natch) with a deliciously soft turquoise smoky eye that worked brilliantly with her greeny eyes. As for the scraped back ponytail, Cara managed to pull it off in a fierce rather than Croydon facelift stylee. After conquering the runway, Cara took to her Twitter feed: ‘Thanks @JasonWu for recruiting me to your army. Fellow soldiers @JoanSmalls1 @angelcandice @missjourdandunn looked stunning X’. Aw, love her.

Cara Delevingne Winter 2011 Rag and Bone New York February 2012 .jpg

Rag & Bone

Cara also smashed it at the Rag & Bone show with her mattified visage and soft pink lips, a casual nod to her retro-chic side. That glossy flowing mane caused backstage beauty editors to unanimously dig out their Moroccan Oil bottles in a frenzy. We want that tousled mane too!

Cara Delevingne backstage burberry poppy .jpg


Another Cara catwalk highlight was, of course, the Burberry show, which saw her back on British turf for London Fashion Week. She's currently the face of the brand's Spring Summer 2012 campaign (for which she had the tough job of snuggling up to the beyond dapper Eddie Redmayne) so she looked perfectly at home wrapped up in a Burb-elicious trench coat with her English Rose glow at its best. Make-up maestro Wendy Rowe was hard at work behind the scenes creating the show's smouldering beauty look and in between applying the Dark Sable eyeshadows, she tweeted photos of Cara getting prepped for the opening look. What's more, proud sister Poppy tweeted the cute photo above of Cara holding one of Mr Bailey's striped umbrellas. ‘Star of the show backstage @caradelevingne. Please regard studded gloves and matching brolly handle’, she said. There's nothing like a bit of sisterly support, eh?

Cara Delevingne-Fendi-beauty-backstage-Milan.jpg Cara Delevingne-Fendi-beauty-backstage-Milan 1.jpg


But if hair’s your thing then you may have spotted Cara’s funky fro when she jetted to Milan for the Fendi show. Yep, those Roman-esque plaits really got us in a spin (er, we may have attempted to recreate the look not quite as successfully). And they were all down to hair hero Sam McKnight who transformed the models into goddesses.

Cara Delevingne-Blumarine-beauty 1 Cara Delevingne-Blumarine-beauty 1


Later that day, at the Blumarine, show we spotted the 19-year-old looking like the epitome of a blonde bombshell with her shiny locks blow-dried into sexy Euro-esque hotness, just like an Ibiza babe. Teamed with subtly rouged cheeks and the most divine bronze eyes, a la Charlotte Tilbury, and you get one helluva hottie.

Cara Delevingne-DSquared-beauty.jpg Cara Delevingne-DSquared-beauty 1.jpg


Then WOW! At the DSquared show, CD went all Brigitte Bardot-meets-Lana Del Rey on us, complete with a mega blonde beehive, long blacker-than-black lashes and an icy pink pout. Charlotte Tilbury created the high school prom makeup look while Sam McKnight was busy backcombing to get this glorious Sixties style. Bring on Saturday night, we say.

Cara Delevingne Stella McCartney beauty 1.jpg Stella McCartney Cara Delevingne beauty backstage 1.jpg

Stella McCartney

By the time Paris Fashion Week came around, it was an entirely different look for Cara when she walked for Stella McCartney. We thought our blue mascara days were long gone (remember those experimental school days?!), but we're tempted to crack out the coloured lashes after seeing how the vibrant trend really makes Cara's eyes pop. Makeup maven Pat McGrath used several coats of an electric cerulean blue pigmented gel mascara for a 'young and fresh' beauty look that matched the collection perfectly.

Cara Delevingne Paris fashion week.jpg Cara Delevingne Paris fashion week.jpg


But you know what does it for us? Those amazing mega brows. They're just the right thickness, the perfect shade of chocolate brown and brushed to absolute perfection - to be honest, we’ve never seen a better brow. The model’s Twitter bio even states ‘I love brows’. Well so do we! Grazia girls galore have been buying brow kits in an effort to replicate them. So talking of brows, it would be rude not to mention those incredible brows that we saw at the Chanel show this week. Cara’s blue and green pair only served to enhance her striking look and added an element of mythical beauty to her Parisian ensemble. A trip down to Covent Garden Bead Shop may even be in the pipeline in order to recreate the look...

So we say bravo Cara! And thank you for keeping us so enthralled during this long month of Fashion Weeking. You deserve to put your feet up, have a thorough pamper and be happy in the knowledge that Grazia has crowned you our beauty hero du jour. See you next season!

If you want to know Cara's beauty secrets, click here.

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