[Beauty Secret] How to Protect Skin in Cold Winter

[by Kim Jae Young / translated by Cho Suyoun] Top celebrities always look stunning and their facial skins glow like porcelain.

As winter is coming, the temperature drops very low in the morning and night. When temperature drops, skin gets dry and it eventually causes wrinkles and dead cells. In addition, skin starts to create excessive sebum to protect dry skin. 

As a result, moisture-oil balance breaks down and skin gets ‘cold’ like body does. In order to prevent this situation, skin must store enough moisture in advance.

In winter, people can easily experience a difference after cleansing the face. Right after cleansing, skin feels dry instantly so it must be taken care within three seconds.

To regenerate skin, one must use night time effectively. At night, skin gets rest so dry areas such as cheek and lips should be taken care of especially.

If moisture evaporates, skin\'s tightness will be lost and it\'s just a shortcut to looking old. Thus, applying facial mask is highly recommended at night.

The masks from FAITH IN FACE comes out in six different versions (HOLD ME TIGHT, NOURISH ME, AFTER SHOWER LOOK, BLACK&WHITE FILM STAR, etc.) according to skin types.

\'BLACK&WHITE FILM STAR\' contains lots of vitamin that helps brightening and providing nutrition. The product is mainly made of extracts from green tea and tangerine so it is hypo-allergic.

\'AFTER SHOWER LOOK\' hydrogel mask is made without chemical ingredients. It once became a big issue after actress Park Soo Jin was seen using it right after cleansing. The product is divided into eye and lip parts and has cooling effect.

As soon as the product is applied, it lowers 5 degrees of face temperature. It provides soothing effect and calms tiring skin. The mask mainly contains ingredients of Camellia Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate. (photo by Faith in Face, bntnews DB)

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