A pink\'s fan club PANDA holds its inauguration ceremony

[by Cho Suyoun] On August 31, fan club of A pink held its primary inauguration ceremony.

With 800 fans, A pink finally held its fan club\'s inauguration ceremony. The ceremony was to celebrate creation of 1st fan club \'PANDA\' and was held at Sungkyunkwan University on August 31.

The event began at 17:00. Girls began by singing their hit songs such as \'I don\'t know,\' \'No No No,\' \'My My\' and continued by performing special hip-hop dances for the fans.

Not only the members prepared for special performances but the fans also prepared a a video for their idols. A pink was deeply touched by their fans\' gift from the heart and said thankful messages in reward.

The fan meeting was held for nearly two and half hours and it was proceeded as if a big concert was held. Meanwhile, A pink recently finished official works of its mini album \'Secret Garden\' and is about to meet their fans through various TV programs and schedules in other countries. (photo by A CUBE)

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