Christian Louboutin Is Launching A Collection Of Beauty Products: Ladies Rejoice!

Christian Louboutin Is Launching Beauty Products!

Christian Louboutin at the exhibition celebrating his brand's 20th birthday

News has reached Grazia Towers that Christian Louboutin is venturing into the world of beauty! The man behind the red sole is collaborating with Batallure Beauty to launch a line of luxury beauty products set to land globally. Pinch. Us. Now.

This is Monsieur Louboutin’s first foray into the make-up industry so our minds are racing at the thought of what to expect from the 'Christian Louboutin Beauté' range. Naturallement, it will be outrageously fabulous and we're placing our bets on lashings of Louby-red lippy to be worn by the likes of Blake Lively. And might that iconic red sole - the signature of all Louboutin shoes - make an appearance on the packaging? Here's hoping.

'The beauty adventure is a natural extension for someone like me, who likes to empower women and to be a part of creating beauty seems like the right next step,' the King of shoes said. Yes ladies, as well as feeling super-glam in the designer's sexy heels, we can now have the glossy face to match. Yippee! 

'Wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes completely transforms a woman and Christian will bring that same transformative quality to women through his beauty products,' says Robin Burns, Chairman & Co-Founder of Batallure Beauty.

Considering Christian Louboutin set up his brand back in 1991, with his first shop on Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Paris, this is one man who knows how to keep us lady folk happy. His shoes have been declared the 'Most Prestigious Women’s Shoes' (WOW) and he was recently named as one of the 'All Time 100 Fashion Icons' by Time Magazine (WOOT). What's more, he's quite the showman - his first job was as an intern at famous music hall Folies Bergere - so you can guarantee his latest ventur will be as jaw-dropping and dramatic as ever.

In fact, it was only last week that Grazia Daily was surrounded by carousels of red-shoes at the launch of the Christian Louboutin Exhibition. He was cosied up to one of his dearest friends, Dita Von Teese - might the burlesque showgirl become the face of his beauty range? Consider us on the edge of our seats...

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