CL got naked for music video of 'I Miss You'

CL got naked for 2NE1's new music video.

On November 20th, 2NE1's management agency said, "Music video of 2NE1's new song 'I Miss You' will be released at midnight, and CL's naked performance will be unveiled."

CL has been showing a great number of unique and shocking performances during her career, but this is going to dominate them all.

CL's body exposure was hinted during the latest 'Ssang Park Press Conference' video which was released through YG Entertainment's official blog a while ago.

In the video, Park Bom said, "Our new song is a very emotional number, but one member did not wear anything during music video shooting." The member Park Bom was referring was found out to be none other than CL.

It is said that 2NE1's new song 'I Miss You' is one of the most emotional numbers that 2NE1 ever sang, and that the members had a very hard time while recording it, because they could not stop crying.

Their management agency said, "2NE1's CL tried a nude acting for the new music video. CL's nude scenes were not intended to create sexy atmosphere, but to express a female's outer beauty and inner sorrow."

Meanwhile, 'I Miss You' will be released tonight at midnight along with the music video.

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