Crayon Pop's Cho-A assaulted by a male fan

Crayon Pop's Cho-A assaulted by a male fan.

On November 18th, an official from Crayon Pop's management agency said, "Crayon Pop's Cho-A was assaulted by a male fan after finishing a performance in Cheon An on November 14th."

The official went on, "The man started approaching to the members, and he looked like he wanted to have a handshake with the members. As Cho-A tried to accept the handshake, he suddenly hugged Cho-A, and Cho-A quickly turned her body."

The official also said, "Cho-A could avoid further troubles thanks to the manager's rapid reaction. No major accident happened, so we just let him go after giving him a warning."

However, a great number of netizens are expressing rages after watching the video on the internet. The agency said, "Many netizens are showing concerns. Cho-A was surprised a bit, but she's totally fine."

Meanwhile, Crayon Pop held a solo concert in Tokyo, Japan on November 15th, and met up with approximately 2,000 Japanese fans.

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