'Dancing With The Star 2' Hyoyeon gets a skirt as a gift from her partner

Hyoyeon received a skirt as a gift from his partner.

On 11th, the new episode of MBC 'Dancing With The Star 2' showed Hyoyeon expressing her extreme joy because of a gift she received from her partner.

Hyoyeon's partner gave her a skirt as a gift, because Hyoyeon was always wearing sweat pants when rehearsing.

In the program, Hyoyeon is a partner with Kim Hyung-seok, and she showed a perfect performance of 'Love Potion No. 9'.

She appeared in cute orange dress on the stage, and she received 21 points from the judges.

Judge Song Seung-hwan said, "You are truly a Girls' Generation member. I'd like you to cast in musical 'Legally Blonde'," and Kim Joowon said, "Hyoyeon, you are really lovely."

Her partner Kim Hyung-seok said, "Hyoyeon is always doing her best."

On the other hand, Song Jong-gook, Choi Yeojin, Yi Hoon, Ye Jiwon, and Tony An appeared to compete, and constructor Kim Won-cheol failed.

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