'Dr. Jin' Kim Jaejung despaired by unconquerable environment

Kim Jaejung made the viewers sad by holding to express his feelings.

In the 2nd episode, Kim Kyungtak(Kim Jaejung) failed to hold Youngrae(Park Minyoung)'s. In the 3rd episode, Kim Byunghee(Kim Eungsoo) got a surgery from Jinhyuk(Song Seungheon), and Kim Kyungtak tried to hold his hand. However, as Dohee(Kim Myungsoo) suddenly came in, he was surprised and took his hands off of him.

Kim Kyungtak is an elite with great talents, but he has to go through disadvantages because of his background, and now, he is about the get his lover taken away to Jinhyuk.

An official said, "Tonight, the 5th episode will show Kim Kyungtak's despair and where his love for Youngrae started from. The viewers' love for Kim Kyungtak is very hot already. He is getting a lot of cheers."

Kim Jaejung also said, "I started feeling a strong affecting for my character. I admire his will and effort, but I don't know if I will be able to perfectly express his character."

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