f(x) Victoria and Sulli Model New Hair Colors for ‘Electric Shock′

Following Krystal’s unique style , f(x)’s Victoria and Sulli also displayed a very distinct concept for their upcoming album.

On June 7, SM Entertainment revealed two teaser photos for f(x)’s mini album Electric Shock featuring Victoria and Sulli, dressed in completely contrasting styles.

Victoria sports long flowing blond hair, with a white see-through top, with a slightly oddly placed hat. Her neck was elegantly decorated with two strands of pearls, and like Krystal, Victoria showed off a dazzling blue eye.

In contrast, Sulli donned a more hippy, retro style, with different strands of color threaded through her long dark brown hair. She hid her eyes behind extreme cat-eyed sunglasses in a leopard print, and even managed to pull off a jean on jean outfit. To top off the flower child look, Sulli wore a yellow handband with a giant white flower.

Lying next to Sulli was a faceless woman, but judging by the orange water gun, it is presumed to be Krystal, based on her teaser photo from June 6.

Electro Shock is set for release on June 10 through iTunes and other music websites in Korea.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (grace@cj.net)
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