Former Member Allen Kibum Says He Still Loves U-KISS

Former U-KISS member Kibum opened up on how he felt after he left his group in 2011.

Allen Kibum told enews through his agency Professional Entertainment on March 22, "It is true that I was lacking in music while I was with U-KISS. That′s why I accepted the replacements. I decided to go to Japan thinking that everything happened because of my weaknesses in music."

He added, "The reason I concentrated only on live performances for two years in Japan, after giving up everything related to visuals, is because I wanted to make a return as a true singer in Korea again. During the two years I spent with music I was in such pain that I even thought of suicide at one point, but now I′m ready to become a solo singer with my current agency, and after it made me an offer in December 2012, I decided to make a solo debut in April."

"I can′t help but miss the time I spent with the U-KISS members. I was able to endure thanks to those memories and I still love them," he said.

Professional Entertainment was founded in 2008 by the man who produced Xing, the first group Allen Kibum debuted with, and who composed U-KISS′ hit single Man Man Ha Ni.

Allen Kibum will be staying in Korea for a while to record his first solo single Longing, then leave for Japan on March 23 to appear in a broadcast. In April he will return to Korea for the release of his single.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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