Former UN Member Kim Jeong Hoon to Embark on His First Asia Tour

Kim Jeong Hoon is preparing to heat things up in Asia later this fall.

The singer will kick off his Asia tour in Japan on September 15 and will hold a total of 13 performances in Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

The theme for Kim Jeong Hoon’s Asia tour is ‘The Mobius Strip’. For the mathematics-loving Kim Jeong Hoon, the singer personally selected the theme himself.

A mobius strip is a strip with only one side and is usually a circle that seemingly goes on forever; the theme is meant to represent the idea that Kim Jeong Hoon and his fans will forever remain connected like a Mobius Strip.

In addition, a special theme for each concert based on the city he’s performing in will be seen in his stages.

Regarding his tour, Kim Jeong Hoon′s agency said, “As it is Kim Jeong Hoon′s first Asia tour in his life, he is showing a lot of passion to show a new side to him to his fans. It will be good to anticipate his concert.”

Prior to his Asia concert tour, Kim Jeong Hoon will release a new Chinese, Japanese and Korean album simultaneously.

Kim Jeong Hoon was one-half of the idol duo group UN which released five albums from 2000 through 2005.

For a blast from the past, take a look at the music video for the 2001 UN hit song Present starring Kim Rae Won below!

Photo credit: Mersenne Entertainment

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