Four Ways To Upcycle An Old T-Shirt With Style!

T-shirt cutting isn’t the newest trend to come about, but it’s always the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to update your wardrobe. Plus it’s a great way to recycle clothes you should’ve thrown out five years ago – two thumbs up for upcyling. Here’s a step-by-step for four new ways to change things up.

Things you will need:
+ An oversized T-shirt
+ Fabric scissors
+ Chalk



Mark the points you would like to begin cutting your T-shirt at and draw a line to connect them. In this case, we’re enlarging the armholes of Joanne’s T-shirt, so the line will begin to curve downward, near the waist. TiC Tip: Marking your T-shirt while wearing it will give you a better idea of the way your shirt will fall after you cut it.

To make sure that the other side of your shirt is symmetrical, put your shoulder lines together and fold the uncut side of the shirt into the cut side so that they line up perfectly. Cut out using the already-cut sleeve as a guideline. And there you have it! Your own super simple customised T-shirt.




This is another simple look you can try in under 5 minutes. Cut out the lower back portion of your shirt, leaving the front on like a mullet. Then mark the centre point of the front and cut in a 45 degree angle toward the new end of your shirt; you’ll then have a triangular flap in the front. Cut a slit up the middle of the triangle and tie, et voilà!



To get this look, cut the sleeves off your shirt entirely, making sure to follow the armhole closely because we don’t want them enlarged. Cut off the ribbed neckline into a low-ish V-neck. At this point, you should have a vest. Turn the vest onto its back and cut a straight line down from the end of your new neckline and another line horizontally from your armhole until the two lines intersect. You’ll now be left with fabric from between your shoulders. Cut the piece in two.

You’re almost done! Take the two front straps and tie them once together, then put them around your neck and tie them together with the two back straps that you got from the fabric left between your shoulders … and hello, Stylo!



Crop your T-shirt according to where you want the split to be, and you will be left with two pieces: the actual shirt, and the lower portion, which will look like a rectangle. Mark the center of the front of your shirt and cut a little vertical slit about 2cm from the edge. Now, take the bottom of the shirt and mark the center point of the front. Cut out about 5 cm of the top half back of the shirt so you have another mullet-like piece. Then cut a sloping gradient from the side seam to the marked center of the front, which with leave you with a triangular piece in the front just like the elmo shirt previously. Cut a slit down the center of the triangle and tie these two points through the hole in the top portion of your shirt. TiC Tip: This look works a lot better with T-shirt dresses and softer fabrics.

Which is your favourite, and are there any other styles and designs that you would like to see us attempt?

Image Credit: Zoé Ng, Joanne Teh, Lydia Chan, Grace Wong

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