FTISLAND now recognized as a band instead of idols

FTISLAND and CNBLUE are getting recognized as true musicians by their songwriting skills.

On 10th, FTISLAND released their fourth album 'FIVE TREASURE BOX', and officially announced their comeback.

The reason why the new album is getting more attention from the public is because all of the members participated in writing 5 tracks out of 10, and they showed their growth into even better musicians.

It is true that FTISLAND and CNBLUE were debated about their identity, because of their handsome looks and frequent appearance on entertainment shows.

In addition, the reason why so many people viewed them as idols was because they didn't present any songs that they wrote.

An official said, "FTISLAND and CNBLUE are growing largely popular at the moment, but it's quite unsure if they will be able to maintain their popularity even after they become 30s and 40s. If they don't make more fans with frequent concerts and songwriting, they will have no spot to stand."

Thus, FTISLAND and CNBLUE are making numerous participations in songwriting, trying to prove their talent in songwriting.

Furthermore, they are performing different songs that they wrote along with their title tracks during their performances on different music shows.

When they were in Japan, FTISLAND included a great number of songs that they wrote in their repertoire, and it seems that Japanese fans are recognizing them as great musicians without any cons.

FTISLAND, who successfully proved their musical talents, are showing great album sales rate as well, and they are growing as even bigger figures.

All over the world, band musicians were outcasted from the main stream, and they are going through hard times.

Despite such reality, FTISLAND and CNBLUE made significant growths, and they deserve a great round of applause for their tenacity.

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