G-Dragon got his leg injured during a show

G-Dragon got his leg injured.

On April 27th, G-Dragon had a solo concert at Kyosera Dome in Osaka, Japan, and he got an injury on his leg.

He hurt his right ankle, and it is said that it will take approximately 2 weeks to fully recover.

After the show, G-Dragon wrote on his SNS, "My Osaka show finished today. But, I ended up getting injured on stage. I'm sorry. I really wanted to show a perfect concert. I'll take a good rest, and hope to see you in a much better condition tomorrow! Thank you for those who came to the concert today."

Fortunately, G-Dragon avoided a serious injury, and he will be having his April 28th show as planned.

Netizens who heard the news left comments, such as "Thank god that he did not get any bigger injury", "I feel so sorry for him", and "But, it was still an amazing show."

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