‘Glass Mask' Casting line up finally fixed

The casting line up for 'Glass Mask' was finally decided.

On 3rd, tvN announced that the final casting line up of new drama 'Glass Mask', including Lee Ji Hoon, Park Jin Woo, and Kim Yoon Seo, was decided.

'Glass Mask' is the sequel of 'Yello Revenge Flower', and it's a drama about a woman's survival and revenge.

Seo Woo will be casting as 'Kang Yi Kyung' who goes through endless obstacles in her life, and Kim Yoon Seo, who casted in 'Grace of Gentleman' for a short time, will be casting as Seo Woo's twin sister, and make a rival line.

Furthermore, Lee Ji Hoon and Park Jin Woo will be casting as the male characters, and they will be making a great harmony with each other.

Meanwhile, the first episode of 'Glass Mask' will air on September 3rd at 9:45 PM.

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