Go Hyunjung highly compliments Yi Jun's acting "I should learn from him"

Go Hyunjung highly complimented Yi Jun's improvisation.

On 8th, Yoon Dohyun, Kim Jongmin, Yi Jun, and Hwang Gwanghee appeared on SBS 'Go Show'.

During the talk, Yi Jun talked about his casting in movie 'Ninja Assassin'.

He talked about the scene where he was brutally beaten up, and said, "I analyzed the character again and again. I even tried to hurt myself so that I could act the pain as realistic as possible."

Afterwards, he demonstrated the scene once again, and as Kim Youngcheol pretended to stab him in the stomach, he collapsed on the ground, and started his acting.

Yi Jun continued his acting, and started showing tears in a few seconds, and Go Hyunjung highly complimented his concentration saying, "I should learn from him. He's done it so well."

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