Go So Young talks about how she manages her income

Go So Young revealed how she manages her income.

On 16th, Go So Young appeared on SBS 'Healing Camp', and told that her and her husband, Jang Dong-gun, take care of their income separately.

The MCs asked who takes care of the income, and the answered that they each take care of their income.

Lee Kyung Gyu also asked about how they deal with groceries, and Go So Young said, "Jang Dong-gun gives me necessary amount of money because he is the leader of the family."

Furthermore, she was asked who the official owner of their house is, and she said, "It's not ours. We leased it on a deposit basis. If my husband buys a house, then, it belongs to him, of course. I don't desire for others' belongings. However, I think I'm a bit better in investments," and made the people laugh.

On the other hand, Go So Young also told about her luxurious wedding.

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