Gong Yoo becomes the 'Chemi-King'

Gong Yoo became the 'Chemi-King'.

Gong Yoo is recently casting in KBS 2TV drama 'Big' with Lee Min Jung, and he is getting a lot of compliments for his great acting. 'Chemi-King' means that the match with female actresses are great, and Gong Yoo became the 'Chemi-King' because of his great match with his female partners.

Gong Yoo's female actress partners include Gong Hyo Jin, Sung Yuri, Yoon Eun Hye, Lim Soo Jung, and Lee Min Jung, and all of the dramas and movie became major hits.

Netizens made comments, such as "Yes, that's right. He's the best", "Gong Yoo is the lover of every females", and "He's the best!"

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