'Grace of Gentleman' Kim Ha-neul kills a bug for Jang Dong-gun

Kim Ha-neul killed a bug at one strike.

On 22nd, the new episode of SBS 'Grace of Gentleman' showed Seo Yi Soo(Kim Ha-neul) and Kim Dojin(Jang Dong-gun) going around for a new house, and Seo Yi Soo said, "I'll be living here with Sera(Yoon Se Ah). Take a careful look for me."

Then, Dojin joked, "Why can't you live with me?" and Yi Soo laughed, saying "Please stop it."

While the two were enjoying a great time, the owner came and asked if they will sign the contract, and a bug suddenly came into Dojin's sight.

He was so surprised and yelled, "Bug!", and Yi Soo jumped over, and killed it at a one strike.

Dojin was shocked to see Yi Soo's such a tough side, and raised his thumb up.

Yi Soo was embarrassed when she realized the situation, and she suddenly yelled, "Yikes! A big!" and walked back. However, the home owner and Dojin were already cracked up.

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