'Grace of Gentleman' Kim Su-ro allows Kim Min Jong and Yoon Jin Yi's wedding

Kim Su-ro ended up permitting Kim Min Jong and Yoon Jin Yi's wedding.

On 11th, the new episode of SBS drama 'Grace of Gentleman' showed Choi Yoon(Kim Min Jong) kneeling in front of Lim Tae San(Kim Su-ro).

As Yoon came to his house, Tae San said, "Who are you? Choi Yoon, my friend, or Lim Meh-arh's boyfriend?"

Choi Yoon replied, "Lim Meh-ari's boyfriend," and Tae San said, "Then, I have no words to share with you. Get out."

Then, Choi Yoon kneeled down, and said, "I'll make her happy. I won't let her cry. I'll remember every parts of this. I'll forget how hard I tried to get her." However, Lim Tae San grabbed him by the collar.

Lim Tae San threw a punch at him, and said, "How can you do this to me? How can you kneel in front of me?" and Choi Yoon still begged him to allow his relationship with Lim Meh-ari.

Lim Tae San finally said, "I was going to lose this game anyways," and after calling everyone over, he said, "If you guys break up, I'll lose both of you. So, if you guys are going to love each other, get married."

Choi Yoon said, "I'll do it. How fast do you want it? A month? A week?" and Meh-ari lost her words.

However, soon, she realized what was happening and expressed her great joy.

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