Haha Cameos on ‘Standby’ as ‘Rapper H’ and Shows His Drunk Acting

Haha is bringing his comedic acting to MBC’s Standby.

In the upcoming episode of the MBC sitcom, Lee Ki Woo’s character, attempts to change Kim Soo Hyun’s mind about dating Huh Seok Jin and attempts to impress her by having the notoriously reluctant Rapper H to appear on their fictional show.

Despite Lee Ki Woo’s utmost effort, Rapper H, again, refuses to call leading Lee Ki Woo to directly seek out and meet the rapper to try and persuade him.

Meeting inside a pojangmacha for drinks, Rapper H turns out to be none other than Haha in dreads as the two become close. Haha’s drunk acting as well as the frequent use of his trademark phrase, “Seh~” was said to bring the right amount of humor for the sitcom.

The episode airs on September 6 on MBC.

Photo Credit: MBC

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