Han Sun Hwa reveals a new fashion pictorial

SECRET's Han Sun Hwa showed off her beautiful look through fashion magazine 'In Style'.

SECRET recently returned their new mini album 'POISON', and released a group pictorial through 'Nylon'. This time, Han Sun Hwa alone released a new pictorial through 'In Style'.

In the three photos, she showed her lovely charms with white outfits and different hair styles, impressing the public with her different look.

Especially, in the cut where she is wearing a white dress with her hair untied down, she is also showing her amazing skin, and a lot of fans are showing explosive reactions.

Furthermore, she showed her sexy charms in other photos as well, and proved herself as the new rising fashionista.

On the other hand, SECRET are dominating in various music charts with their new title track 'POISON', which was released on 13th.

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