Holly Willoughby On Her Oral-B Smile, Beauty Disasters and Body Hang-Ups: EXCLUSIVE

Holly Willoughby's lack of makeup might have hit the headlines last week but when Grazia Daily met the gorgeous telly star to celebrate her new role as the face of Oral-B 3D White toothpaste, she spilled on her beauty bag secrets...

Grazia Daily: We've got an exclusive look at you in Oral-B's new campaign shot by Rankin. How was it working with him?
Holly Willougby: He's amazing. I've been fortunate enough to work with him in the past. From the moment you're sat in makeup, he sits down and chats to you about everything that's going on in the world. So he's very clever at making you feel comfortable with him.

Grazia Daily: How did you perfect that hair swish?
Holly Willoughby: It was just a case of doing it lots of times!

Grazia Daily: What is it about Oral-B that made you sign up?
Holly Willoughby: If I'm going to put my name to anything, the most important thing is to know it works and that the brand's right. I tried the product and it's really great, it speaks for itself. I don't need to add to my beauty regime in any way because I don't have time for any extras and I'm pretty rubbish at that kind of thing, so to have something that replaces my old toothpaste and do it much better had me sold.

Grazia Daily: How important is a dazzling smile?
Holly Willoughby: It's very important in my job. If I've got someone sitting opposite me who feels nervous, the first thing that makes them feel more comfortable is a nice smile. And it's nice to have a white one!

Grazia Daily: If you could have anyone's smile, whose would it be?
Holly Willoughby: Scarlett Johnasson is a natural beauty and has a great smile but is so sexy at the same time. The thing about her is everything seems so effortless and that's the key. You want to look like you haven't made an effort.

Grazia Daily: Being so much in the public eye, do you have any body hang-ups?
Holly Willoughby: Not really. I don't have that much time to think about those sort of things. Once I'm dressed, that's the last thing I think about and if I spent all day worrying, it'd be a nightmare.

Grazia Daily: What makes you feel glamorous?
Holly Willoughby: If nothing else, curling my eyelashes because it opens your face instantly. It's like 'ping!'

Grazia Daily: And what are your beauty essentials?
Holly Willoughby: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage foundation, Estee Lauder mascara and Giorgio Armani Face Fabric.

glamming up

Grazia Daily: What's your top glamming-up tip for the red carpet?
Holly Willoughby: If you're unsteady with an eyeliner and are wearing false eyelashes, use the line of the eyelashes to get your flick. It's almost like having a ruler to guide you. I use liquid eyeliner on my eyelids and pencil on the inside. 

Grazia Daily: Is there a beauty trend you'd like to try but haven't been brave enough to? Like pink hair perhaps?
Holly Willoughby: I'm so not brave! I've had the same hair all my life. I love the idea of it but I never would.

Grazia Daily: Have you had any beauty disasters?
Holly Willoughby: I remember cutting a really heavy fringe, which on me is a bad idea because I end up with a big square face. At the time, I really liked it so you can't judge yourself on what you did back then. But in hindsight, I wouldn't go there again.

Grazia Daily: Do you feel comfortable going out without makeup?
Holly Willoughby: I'm inherently lazy so at the weekends, if I'm not working, I just can't be bothered so I don't have a problem with it.

Holly also opened up about THAT Liz Jones attack in which the Daily Mail columnist branded her 'anti-feminist' for going make-up free. 'If you don't have an awful lot of respect for somebody in the first place, then it's hard to get upset about it,' she told us. Stay tuned for more from Holly talking about Liz and Twitter trolling in part two of our exclusive interview coming your way. Until then, watch her twinkling smile in action below...

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