'I Do, I Do' Kim Sunah transforms into a chic office woman

Kim Sunah will become a chic office woman.

Kim Sunah will be casting a new MBC drama 'I Do, I Do', and she will be heating up the summer with cold and chic looks.

Kim Sunah made a major transformation to cast in the new drama, and a number of released photos are showing Kim Sunah in chic and stylish outfits, making her look totally different from her previous characters.

Kim Sunah's stylist said, "We went through a great number of fittings, and she tried on almost 60 different matches of clothes and accessories."

She continued, "The outfits will accentuate Kim Sunah's bald and chic character even more."

The first episode of 'I Do, I Do' will air on 30th at 9:55 PM.

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