‘Infinity Challenge’ Parties at Jung Joon Ha’s New Home

Although the show has stopped running for 23 weeks in a row due to the MBC labor strike, the Infinity Challenge members managed to show they’re still as silly and fun as ever. The members recently got together outside of the show to have a little fun at Jung Joon Ha’s new home.

Haha tweeted on July 12, ‘Infinity Challenge had so much fun at Justin Bieber’s (Jung Joon Ha) housewarming party! As soon as [Park] Myung Soo hyung (big brother) went home, we let out the festival! Awesome! I can’t believe it can be so much fun! Congratulations to Justin Bieber on getting a new crib. Infinity Challenge!’

In the photo posted with the tweet, most of the Infinity Challenge members are shown crowding together in front of the camera.

Jung Joon Ha, Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Noh Hong Chul, Jung Hyung Don and producer Kim Tae Ho pose with their fingers spread out in the characteristic Infinity Challenge pose.

The members’ conversations on Twitter also provided a glimpse into just how wild the party was.

Jung Joon Ha tweeted, ‘It’s a mess…. You call this a housewarming party? I might need to move [again],’ and Haha answered, ‘At least we didn’t light a bonfire on your bed. No fires were lighted. Congratulations, Justin.’

The news that the Infinity Challenge members got together has warmed the hearts of the show’s fans even more.

On the same day, the members had announced that they would be holding a large-scale concert for their fans.

The seven members of Infinity Challenge will be performing on the stage of their exclusive concert Super 7, to be held from November 24-25 in Seoul.

As soon as the housewarming tweets were uploaded, netizens laughed out, ‘The pictures show how wild it was’, but also groaned with longing, saying, ‘I’m missing Infinity Challenge so much.’

Photo credit: Haha, PD Kim Tae Ho’s Twitter

Reporter : Ko Hong Ju (kohongju@cj.net)
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