[Interview] F.Cuz Comes Back with New Determination to Succeed

F.Cuz is back.

The group is back after the departure of member LeeU and the joining of two new members, Dae Geon and Rae Hyun. The group debuted in 2010, and since has released one digital single and two mini albums, meaning the long year and five month hiatus was enough to have the public forget such a group even existed.

As such, the members are more desperate than ever before. They continued to make the atmosphere light and cheerful by joking around, but their answers kept seeing the intrusion of words such as ‘desperate’, ‘determination’ and ‘hard work’. I could practically hear LeeSsang’s I’m Not Laughing playing in the background while I stared at their smiling faces.

The leader Jin On introduced the group as “five who have all been through despair and failure.”

“Rae Hyun tried out acting but he had to stay in small roles, Dae Geon was in the 21 member project group Double B but failed to grab the spotlight and the original three members of F.Cuz all released three albums together but failed to be successful,” Jin On added.

Kan said, “If we can’t make it this time, we all need to pack our bags and go home. We started living together since we were in our late teens. We can’t turn back now. We’re desperate.”

The biggest factor in the success of the group’s comeback is its new members. Even the fans it already managed to gather can draw back due to the change in member composition. At this, F.Cuz plans to rein in its original fans and aim to bring in new fans with a new musical attempt.

The first single cut for its new mini album is titled No. 1. The piece was written by Monday Kiz’s leader Lee Jin Sung and Melodin Joon Young, who previously worked with SM Entertainment artists such as TVXQ and Super Junior. The single incorporates electronic sounds with dubstep and K-Pop for a popularly appealing melody.

“We needed a new image,” Ye Jun said. “If you can say that F.Cuz’s previous music was a type that could’ve been done by any idol group, this time we added dubstep to another genre, attempted something new for our performances and put in some sexy.”

F.Cuz had never attempted to sync its dance moves perfectly for its previous promotions, but this time, the five members worked hard to make it look as if they were one by repeating one move for three or four hours on end to make it perfectly match. The tall members, standing at an average of 181cm, repeated the choreography over and over again for the perfect sync.

The EL wire suit scene, which appears in the group’s music video, shows how hard the members worked for their choreography. While shooting that scene, leader Jin On even nearly fainted from electric shock.

“We can take on physical and psychological pain. We just want to let the name of F.Cuz be known among the public. We weren’t active for a long time after our debut, and because of this, we’ll work hard this year to heighten awareness. We’ll become an idol group that you won’t regret you watched and listened to. Please look forward to us.”

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

Reporter : Park, HyunMin (gato@cj.net)
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