Ivy Has About 180 Shoes in Her Collection

Fashionista Ivy opened up her fashion-filled closet for everyone to see.

The reveal came in the June issue of Elle, for which Ivy also participated in a photo shoot and interview.

Ivy currently shares tidbits on her life as a fashion power blogger under the nickname ‘Gom Unni’.

The blog is regularly updated with useful tips that can be used to spice up any look.

In the interview with Elle, Ivy said, “At one time I cared for designer brands too much because of my useless greed for clothes,” and surprised the staff by revealing, “I have about 180 shoes in my shoe collection now.”

The magazine looked through Ivy’s closet, prepared to be overwhelmed, but despite her ‘sexy diva’ nickname, she was actually revealed that she enjoys wearing comfortable and feminine items.

When asked about her style rules, Ivy said, “I never hold back on spending on shoes, and too much of anything looks uncomfortable so you need to control how much of anything you use.”

Ivy most recently started promoting her new single Broken Heart from her mini album Interview.

Photo credit: Elle

Reporter : Lee, DongHyun (kulkuri7@cj.net)
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