Ivy Revealed to be Anonymous Lyricist for SNSD and SHINee Songs

Ivy revealed that she had been active as a lyricist under an anonymous pen name. The revelation was especially shocking as it was revealed that she had written lyrics for Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and SHINee.

On the May 1 broadcast of SBS’ Strong Heart, Ivy opened up on how she had been active as a lyricist under the pen name ‘The Lighthouse’. SNSD’s Tiffany first revealed the fact, saying, “I’ve been a big fan of Ivy since her first album. As soon as I heard the song given us, I knew that it was Ivy’s voice and officials told us that we should keep it a secret, but I wanted to reveal the truth on this day.”

For a track titled Dear Mom in an SNSD album released in 2008, the lyricist is listed to be The Lighthouse. The name can also be found in the credits for SHINee’s Last Gift.

Of the reason she wanted to write anonymously, Ivy said after mentioning the hard times she went through due to her past scandals, “I wanted to hide it. The reason I used the name ‘The Lighthouse’ is because I wanted to become a person who shines light on the world when I come to be loved again after getting through these difficult times.” The meaning she cherished in her heart led to a form of generosity. While working under her pen name, she set up a separate account for all payments related to the copyrights for the lyrics, and decided to donate all profits which gathered in the account regardless of how much the amount.

Ivy added, “Because they’re singers from SM and are global hallyu stars, the copyright fees amount to a lot. Actually, I sometimes wanted to use it because for a few years I wasn’t that well off financially, but I didn’t want to break my own promise.”

She then went on to open up on her love scandal that shook up the scene in 2007.

Photo credit: SBS

Reporter : Ko Hong Ju (kohongju@cj.net)
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