Jang Nara Takes Pictures With Jackie Chan’s Son, Jaycee Fong

As previously reported, Jang Nara has been cast to make a special cameo in an upcoming Chinese movie with Zhao Qing and Jackie Chan’s song, Jaycee Fong.

On May 15, Jang Nara’s agency revealed pictures from the set of Love Somebody, showing Jang Nara and Jaycee Fong together with the other actors.

Regarding the pictures, Jang Nara’s agency wrote, “After [Jang Nara] concluded filming on the movie on May 7, the actors all got together. To commemorate it, a picture session took place.”

On Jang Nara, Jaycee Fong said, “I knew Jang Nara for her passion for acting and her explosive popularity in China. Thought it was brief, I’m very glad I was able to meet Jang Nara through this movie. In the second season of Love Somebody, I hope I can act opposite Jang Nara. I sincerely hope I can work with Jang Nara in a production in the future.”

Jang Nara shared similar sentiments on her co-stars as well saying, “Though it was a short time, I was so glad to be able to meet such great actors here and act with them. Though I finished filming my part and will return to Korea, I wish the actors and staff here all the best and will cheer them on from afar.”

In the movie, Jang Nara play the owner of a famous and luxurious skin care shop who regularly donates to charity. While going to make a donation one day, her character runs into a veterinary doctor, played by Zhao Qing, and both come to fall in love. At a gathering of Zhao Qing’s friends, Jang Nara comes to meet Jaycee Fong.


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