Jung Eun Ji Turns Down Seo In Guk’s Love Confession?

Although there were signs that A Pink′s Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk of tvN’s Reply 1997 were headed towards becoming the next Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo, the two didn’t make it as a real couple.

The funny emotions being exchanged between them was first made known through the July 19 broadcast of tvN’s Taxi, which invited guests Eun Ji Won and Seo In Guk to talk about Reply 1997.

During the broadcast, Eun Ji Won said, “It actually feels like there’s something going on between them in real life. Eun Ji’s face turned red when Seo In Guk held her hand. Seo In Guk even sent a public message to Jung Eun Ji reading ‘I love you.’”

At first Seo In Guk denied it, but when MCs Lee Young Ja and Gong Hyung Jin kept asking, he said, “At first I didn’t feel anything special toward Eun Ji, but now that we’ve worked together for the drama I think something’s slowly building up inside me.” The MCs then pushed for a live phone call between the two.

Seo In Guk called Jung Eun Ji and asked, “Where are you? I’m done filming. If you’re done, let’s meet up,” but Jung Eun Ji answered, “No, I don’t have any makeup on right now. We can’t meet.”

The MCs then took over the call, asking, “Seo In Guk says he likes you, what do you think” to which Jung Eun Ji said firmly, “I don’t feel anything more than that he’s a good colleague.”

About Seo In Guk’s ‘I love you’ message, she said, “It’s so pressuring because he says things like that so often.”

It appears Seo In Guk will have to settle for his fictional relationship with Jung Eun Ji as the two will be appearing as a couple in Reply 1997.

Reply 1997 will be about six students and their high school lives in the 90s.

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji will be making her drama debut as the main lead Si Won. The 33-year-old Si Won has been working as a broadcasting scriptwriter for 10 years and used to be a big fan of H.O.T. in 1997. She will be using her bouncy charms to put on a lovely act.

Seo In Guk, who recently found a place for himself as a singer and actor, will be taking on the role of Yun Yoon Je. He is Si Won’s best friend, and always takes care of her by her side. He starts to feel love towards his friend and goes through his first love phase. Seo In Guk will steal women’s hearts as a kind boy who only loves one woman.

The Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji couple can be seen on the July 24 broadcast of Reply 1997, the drama’s premiere.

Photo credit: tvN

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