[K-Pop Battle] Leeteuk vs. CL

Behind every great idol group is a great leader, so for this week’s K-Pop Battle, we’re recognizing two fearless individuals, who just happen to have made comebacks recently with their respective groups, and leaving it to you to decide which leader is the better boss.


When he’s not leading Super Junior, one of Korea’s hottest hallyu acts, across uncharted territory, Leeteuk is cracking audiences up with his variety show skills (or hot on sasaeng fans’ trail, apparently) as one of the busiest and hardworking (maybe a little too busy and hardworking) idol stars in the K-Pop world.

And with 10 sexy, free and single Super Junior boys on the loose at the moment, a leader like Leeteuk is proving to be all the more necessary.

How Leeteuk has managed to keep a bunch of 20-something-year-old boys in line for seven years will forever remain a mystery, but it’s definitely worthy of some recognition.

Below are five-and-a-half minutes of pure Leeteuk.


The best leaders aren’t merely figureheads, but movers and shakers who are always one step ahead of the rest, and 2NE1’s CL was born to lead, not follow.

CL made her debut as 2NE1’s leader at the ripe age of 18, but what she lacked in age, she more than made up for with charisma and personality.

Don’t let 2NE1’s latest single I Love You fool you because CL can just as easily switch on her “baddest female” persona and tell you "Go Away," "I Am the Best" and "Hate You." And she can do it in four languages.

K-Pop is infamous for prettily-packaged “talent,” but 2NE1’s CL has been blazing her own trail.

Watch CL tear up Lauryn Hill’s Doo Wop

Leeteuk’s and CL’s leadership styles are very different, but there’s no doubt that these two are great at what they do. Still, there can only be one boss in this week’s K-Pop Battle, so vote wisely to decide who moves on to the next round.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min, YG

Reporter : Nancy Lee (nancylee@cj.net)
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