Kim Ha-neul successfully finishes promotion in Taiwan

Kim Ha-neul successfully finished promotion of drama 'Grace of Gentleman' in Taiwan as well.

Actress Kim Ha-neul visited Taiwan on 27th, and successfully finished promotion of 'Grace of Gentleman' over the three days of visit.

Kim Ha-neul was followed by a great number of crowds everywhere she went, and when she arrived at the airport, she was greeted by many fans who were waiting for her.

The promotion was held for drama 'Grace of Gentleman' which the broadcast will start from 29th.

Kim Ha-neul had official press conference and interviews right after her arrival, and a great number of local presses, and even those from China and Hong Kong attended, showing great interest in the drama.

During the press conference, Kim Ha-neul talked about how she feels about the drama being introduced in Taiwan, and a number of hidden episodes that took place while shooting the drama. Even though the drama was done quite a while ago in Korea, she still showed a great affection in it.

Furthermore, a social campaign called 'Love T-shirts' was held at a local kindergarten, and she sent a meaningful and memorable time, drawing pictures on t-shirts with children.

The t-shirts will be available for purchase through an official auction website, and the benefits will be used to help starving children in Taiwan.

After finishing the promotion, Kim Ha-neul said, "I'd like to express my great thanks to those who showed great interest and support. I hope 'Grace of Gentleman' will be able to entertain many people in Taiwan as well."

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