Kim Rae Won′s Ex-Girlfriend Comments Spark Controversy for Pointing at Lee Yo Won

Lee Yo Won saw a sudden surge in the attention paid her, following a first love confession that Kim Rae Won made on Healing Camp.

On the January 14 broadcast of SBS′ Healing Camp, Kim Rae Won opened up about his first love, an actress he had dated when he was in high school. The story warmed the mood, but because Kim Rae Won had given a bit too many specific hints, netizens were led to pounce on the subject and dig out who it is.

Lee Yo Won became the most probable choice, pitching the two together in sudden love rumors.

Kim Rae Won had hinted that the actress was a year older than him, and that he had appeared in a piece with her in the beginnings of his career. Kim Rae Won and Lee Yo Won both appeared in the 1998 drama Scent of a Man and then in School 2 together.

He then said that though she lived near Ori Station in Bundang and it took her at least three hours to get anywhere, he had always taken her home. Lee Yo Won is also known to be from Seongnam-si, where Ori Station is located.

The last hint was that he got to talk with her for the first time in 11 years thanks to Kim Hae Suk when he was acting for the film Sunflower, and that he had told her, "You′re all grown up," about how she had gotten married and had children, confirming that she had been married at that time.

Kim Rae Won said about the reason they broke up, "She was like a tomboy, she was bright, bouncy and beautiful. It was like love for a religion; I could have done anything for her. I even sold a gold necklace my mother had given me and a phonograph to go places with her. She was a year older than me, so she went to college before I did. She was always curious about everything, so it would′ve been hard for her to concentrate on me only, and the men around her also wouldn′t leave her alone."

"I even jumped into the Han River after our breakup," he confessed.

Though the actor was commended for being honest, his words still stirred up a controversy.

Some said favorably, "My heart broke at Kim Rae Won′s pure love," while others said, "It′s not so considerate for him to reveal so many details about an actress who is still in the business and is currently married."

Lee Yo Won is still active as an actress, and she even appears in the MBC drama Horse Doctor, which airs just an hour before Healing Camp. Regardless of whether she is the woman Kim Rae Won was speaking of or not, getting attention not for her feats but for another actor′s confession probably won′t come to her as a pleasurable experience. She can′t be happy at the attention, but she can′t come out openly to say that she wasn′t Kim Rae Won′s first love either.

One official said, "These days it feels like Healing Camp′s ′confessions′ have gone too far. We expect to see some touching moments like we did for the Cha In Pyo episode, but these days we can′t tell whether stars are appearing on the show to really heal hearts or whether they′re appearing just to brag about themselves, to change their image or to spill about their pasts. The story about Kim Rae Won′s first love could have been edited out, but the producers went too far on this one. Lee Yo Won earned the title of ′Kim Rae Won′s first love′ though this ordeal, but who does that benefit?"

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, SBS, MBC

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