Lee Gwang Soo & Park Ha Sun's recent photo drawing many people's attention

Lee Gwang Soo and Park Ha Sun's photo is becoming a hot issue.

On 11th, VIP Premiere of movie 'Band Aid' took place at Kyunghee University, and Lee Gwang Soo attended with Park Ha Sun.

Lee Gwang Soo appeared in a black t-shirt and a coat, and Park Ha Sun wore black stockings, white jacket, and a fedora.

What particularly drew many people's attention was the huge difference in their height, and even though Park Ha Sun appeared in boots with relatively high heels, she was still as tall as Lee Gwang Soo's shoulder.

Furthermore, they made many people laugh by showing a look like an uncle and a niece.

On the other hand, Lee Gwang Soo and Park Ha Sun each recently casted in movie 'My Little Hero' and 'Tone Deaf Clinic'.

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