Honey Lee Accused of Lying About Her 9-Year Status as a Vegetarian

Former Miss Korea and actress Honey Lee has been accused of lying about being a vegetarian.

Last month in the May 24 episode of On Style’s Golden 12, Honey Lee appeared as a guest on Lee Hyori’s show where they shared a meal and discussed their lifestyle similarities as a vegetarian.

In the episode, Honey Lee shared, “My younger sibling was born with difficulty processing protein so I started to not eat meat as well. Since then I’ve been living as a vegetarian for the past nine years.”

However, following the episode, netizens began to post up screen captures from her 2010 Olive channel special She’s Olive- Honey Lee’s My Sweet Canada.

In it, Honey Lee took a trip to Canada and during her trip she was seen consuming pork and beef.

Since then, a controversy has erupted with many accusing the actress of lying about her vegetarian life.

Honey Lee’s agency, Popeye Entertainment, finally addressed the issue on June 20 explaining that for the program, as Honey Lee was being treated by guests while being filmed, she had to chew on the meat.

The agency added however that Honey Lee only chewed the meat but did not swallow the meat and spat it out in between takes, and added the actress was a strict vegetarian even today.

The explanations, however, failed to convince many as they continued to express their criticism and doubts on the actresses’ image and credibility.

On the same day as the controversy blow-up, Honey Lee’s upcoming thriller movie Deranged held its press conference at Seoul’s Apgujeong CGV on June 20.

Despite the movie’s director and main actors all in attendance, Honey Lee was nowhere to be found.

Her agency shared that the actress had suffered a bee sting to her face during a trip abroad a week ago leaving her unable to show her face and attend the press conference.

Many, again, expressed their doubts, wondering if the controversy and fall-out from the meat consumption accusations had something to do with her absence.

Photo credit: On Style, Olive

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