Lee Hyori explicated about the rumor of her criticism for meat eaters

Lee Hyori explicated about a rumor that says the criticized meat eaters.

On 10th, she wrote on her Twitter, "I was surprised to see that my comment became such a big issue. I don't oppose eating meat. I don't think meat eaters are bad. But, I only oppose factory breeding, because it's also good for human to eat animals that were grown in good and safe environment."

She continued, "Please don't misunderstand just by reading articles. I don't mean to coerce vegetarianism nor criticize eating meat. I just hoped that people will learn how to distinguish what's good and bad."

Prior to such a comment, Lee Hyori made a post about SBS Special 'Animal's Happiness Part 1 - If the meat is sick, human get sick as well' on her Twitter, and wrote "Don't deny it. See the truth about what we are eating." A number of netizens spread a rumor that Lee Hyori made a severe criticism to meat eaters, and it became a hot issue.

Netizens who saw Lee Hyori's post said, "Don't say a word. It's not even worth it", "Please stop unconditional criticisms", and "She must be so exhausted by so many absurd rumors."

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