Lee Jung Shin to cast in a new drama

CN Blue's Lee Jung Shin is challenging for his first acting.

On 6th, CN Blue's agency, FNC Entertainment announced that Lee Jung Shin will be casting in the sequel drama of KBS 2TV 'My Husband Got A Family'.

The sequel, 'My Daughter So Young', is a new drama written by So Hyun Kyung, who wrote '49 Days', and it's a drama about a father and a daughter.

Lee Jung Shin made a special appearance on 'My Husband Got A Family' as a new boyfriend of Bang Mal Sook(Oh Yeon Seo), and got high compliments for his acting.

An official from FNC said, "Lee Jung Shin has been getting a lot of casting offers. He spent a lot of time practicing, and he is very passionate about acting."

On the other hand, 'My Daughter So Young' will start to air on September 15th at 7:55 PM.

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