Lee Teuk talks about when he will start his military service

Lee Teuk talked about when he will start his military service.

On 3rd, a press conference for Super Junior's 6th album 'Sexy, Free&Single' took place at Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyun-dong.

Super Junior's leader, Lee Teuk said, "Military service is an honor that the country gives to me. I haven't decided the fixed date when I will start it, but I want to make it as quickly as possible. I'll make it within this year."

When he was asked to which member he will yield the leader's chair, he said, "I'll leave it empty. If any other member's influence gets bigger, I will have a hard time after coming back."

On the other hand, Super Junior will be making the first performance of their new album on 5th through M.net 'M! Countdown'.

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